Embrace Elegance with Anatomi’s luxurious Ramadan and Eid Collection

As one of the region's leading modest fashion brands, Anatomi has always been at the forefront of marrying contemporary aesthetics with timeless silhouettes for the ultimate line up of modest-wear pieces with sartorial flair.
Photos: Courtesy of Anatomi

Infusing elegance and style in everything she creates, designer Doaa Alghouti's brand, launched in 2015, has now launched their 2024 Ramadan & Eid Collection.

Anatomi's Ramadan 24 collection is inspired by the captivating underwater world, Coral pinks, blues, turquoise, and greens are some of the shades in the enchanting collection, showcasing a beautiful selection of rigorously crafted artistic pieces. Anatomi welcomes you to discover a realm of timeless sophistication and allure. Celebrate the sacred month in style with the collection, which is both dazzling and distinctive, yet modest, making it the ideal complement to the effortless elegance required for your Ramadan wardrobes.

The collection also features mini versions designed to complement your child's attire and offer an opportunity for coordinating outfits with your little one, promising delightful ensembles that are bound to elicit joy this holy month. Allow your mini-me to radiate alongside you in these stylish and adorable ensembles, enhancing the charm of your shared experiences. Doaa effortlessly transformed her inspiration from the underwater world into intricate appliqué work and the brand's distinct hand embellishments, creating an ethereal and organic aesthetic.

Anatomi is locally designed and produced and holds a significant position as a prominent designer label in the region that you should definitely be aware of. The Ramadan/Eid 24 collection meets these high expectations flawlessly, showcasing Doaa's keen attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring the brand continues to inspire.


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Photos: Courtesy of Anatomi