Business of Beauty: Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho is a content creator and entrepreneur. She got her start in the beauty and fashion industry as a YouTuber in the early 2010s, where she was known for her makeup tutorials. She launched her beauty products under the name Elaluz.
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L’Officiel Arabia: When and how did you decide to be a content creator?

Camila Coelho: It all started for me back in 2010 as a hobby, when we didn't really know what content creating was. I didn't even know that what I started doing with my YouTube videos and tutorials was something at all; my only goal was to help out all the girls who wanted to do their makeup and be more independent and feel good about themselves. However, the moment I decided to be a content creator was maybe a year after that. I had started my blog and I was writing about a bunch of things in beauty, fashion and lifestyle and I decided to become a content creator. I realized it could be a career when brands started reaching out to me and my content started gaining traction in views and follows. It was something I already loved doing, so I decided that I wanted to try it out and prove that I could be successful doing what I love doing and inspiring people in a positive way.

Even before deciding that, the moment I started sharing videos and writing daily posts on my blog, I dedicated myself fully to that. I still had another job, but I said to myself if I’m creating a website and writing daily posts, I am going to put all of my effort into it and give it my all so it can be amazing. The dedication was always there and I think it's definitely key to why I grew so fast in the beginning, because I definitely put a lot of effort and love into that hobby that I didn't know was going to become my career.

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LOA: Who has been your biggest inspiration in life?

CC: I have two inspirations in my life. The first being my grandmother. She’s the reason I love beauty and she was the one who gave me my first red lipstick. I used to play with her makeup all the time. She is my biggest inspiration in all terms, not just the love of beauty and the love of taking care of yourself, but she has inspired me my whole life to be a good human, to be kind to others and to never step on other people.

My grandmother is unfortunately no longer with me today, but I feel like she is and I talk to her everyday and every time I'm struggling or if I'm mad at something, I think of her and it brings me a kind and positive vibe. She’s an inspiration to me personally and professionally as well because I believe to be successful you need to be kind.

My mom is also a huge inspiration when it comes to going after my dreams and my goals. There was a time in her life that she just needed to be independent after a tough divorce. That really inspired me at a young age to go after my dreams, to believe in myself, to be independent early on and to not have to find myself dependent on anyone.

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LOA: Tell us more about Elaluz?

CC: Elaluz is my dream come true! I've always wanted to share all of my beauty secrets with my community through my own clean beauty line and I’m so proud to be able to develop products that check off my beauty wishlist ---with all the elements I wish I saw in the products I love to use. We launched over a year ago, we're already at over 400 Ulta stores, we’re selling out of product practically every time we launch, so it's been such an amazing journey. I worked on this brand for almost three years before launching it and I'm so proud of it. I'm proud that it's a sustainable clean brand filled with Brazilian ingredients, filled with my Brazilian heritage and there's so much more to come with Elaluz. It warms my heart every day to see how much support I'm getting with the brand and how much amazing feedback we're getting with the product.

Dress: Milla @milla, Rings/Earrings/Necklace: Sydney Evan @sydneyevan, Bangles: Boucheron @boucheron.

LOA: Have you ever been to the UAE? If yes, how was your experience?

CC: Yes, I've been to Dubai two or three times, and it was such a beautiful and amazing experience. I remember the first time I got to explore so much and I had the most amazing, local hosts.

The second time I did a meet and greet and a panel as well. It was so heartwarming to see all my followers that live there and experience a little bit of the culture as well. I honestly love the Middle East in general and my husband and I love visiting Dubai and we definitely want to go back very soon. When I went I had a magazine cover shoot and was there for work, but I feel so lucky to have also experienced Dubai in a personal way.

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Blazer: Chung Thanh Phong @ chungthanhphong, Dress: Milla @milla, Rings: Fabergé and Sydney Evan @sydneyevan, Earrings: Fabergé @officialfaberge.

LOA: What next for Camila?

CC: I think what's next for me is to keep working even harder on my brands and turning my two brands, Elaluz and the Camila Coelho Collection, into little empires. In a few years, I hope to see Elaluz in stores all over the world – it's one of my biggest goals to be in all countries. Right now, we are in stores in the US only and we ship worldwide from our website, but I really want my customers to be able to go to the store wherever they live and touch the product and have that in-person connection with the brand, especially in the Middle East and my home country Brazil. Personally, hopefully being a mom and creating a family. A huge part of my happiness is definitely my personal life and family, so I really want babies in the future.

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