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Express Protocol partners with L’officiel Arabia to create a loyalty program for L’officiel Arabia NFT holders

L’Officiel Arabia partners with Express Protocol to launch their NFT Drop Dapp using Express Protocol SDK for their NFT holders.


The NFT Drop Dapp will be immediately offered to L’Officiel Arabia Masterclass attendees as free NFT to be utilized as loyalty program for all future events.

Similarly, the NFT holders of the L’officiel Arabia x Amrita Sethi collection and the winners of the L’Officiel Arabia awards automatically qualify for the NFT loyalty program.

This is one of the initiative taken by L’Officiel Arabia to empower the creator economy by offering utilities worth double the NFT value to make this a value proposition to artists who can use this channel to connect with major luxury and fashion brands to monetize their work.

L'Officiel has always stayed at the forefront of fashion trends and have a great user-base - which can help both Express Protocol and L'Officiel Arabia to promote the power of connectivity and empower industry leaders, creators, fashion brands, and more to create their own NFT Marketplace using Express SDK and launch its limited-edition products, organize fashion shows, elevate their existing collector community, offer NFTs that they can use to dress up avatars, or access exclusive drops, and more.


What they have to say ….

"We are proud to partner with L'Officiel Arabia to enable them create their own NFT Drop Dapp using our Express Protocol SDK, innovating the ways to interact with their customers and develop distinctive experiences. We aim to empower Luxury brands, Web2 platforms, industry leaders and more to actualize their NFT Projects and accelerate the growth of NFT Ecosystem." - Founder and CEO Pushkar Vohra

“With newborn knowledge of the Web3 space, we are always of the opinion to assign a loyalty program to our NFT which will allow us to engage with our subscribers and give them first hand access to all our product offerings. The L’Officiel Arabia Masterclass powered by Iconic London and the Web3 Evolve conference are one of the many events we have in store and with the loyalty program we want our NFT holders to have exclusive access and commercial benefits as well. I am grateful to Express Protocol to pull this off with a tight schedule". says Sidaarth Saigal Publisher of L'Officiel Arabia