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Meet Alex Shtefan, Bali's Real Estate Outlier & Architect of Affordable Affluence

In the dynamic landscape of luxury living, Alex Shtefan has emerged as the face of real estate in Bali, captivating enthusiasts with his unparalleled vision and dedication. In lieu of the recent announcement of the Indonedial Golden Visa, Bali is poised to transition from a tourist hotspot to a sought-after destination for potential residents. L’Officiel Arabia speaks to Alex for more insights.
Alex Shtefan, Bali's Real Estate Outlier & Architect of Affordable Affluence

What initially attracted you to Bali, and what influence has its culture had on you so far?

Initially, Bali wasn't my intended destination. My initial plans were centered around relocating to the USA, contemplating cities such as Miami, Hawaii, and Los Angeles. However, fate led me to Bali during my travels, and I genuinely fell in love with the island. As they say, nothing happens by accident, I saw business opportunities, breathtaking nature, a rich culture, and encountered the friendliest of people, and asked myself ‘why not Bali?’

Bali offers a diverse range of experiences - from surfing and yoga to jungle exploration, volcanoes, waterfalls, temples, events, parties, sports, and a burgeoning infrastructure.

Due to low competition, it provided an ideal starting point for businesses.

Could you elaborate on your approach of not positioning your projects as luxury, but instead prioritizing high-quality aesthetics and service.

Yes, we do not position our projects as luxury, however, we do place an added emphasis  on high-quality aesthetics and un paralleled service. Our units are meticulously designed commercial facilities that not only impress guests but also generate passive income for our investors. Our mission is to integrate aesthetic spaces into people's lives, enhancing their quality of life. Technology, comfort, and privacy define our facilities, often associated with the high-end segment. Our goal is to make quality affordable, avoiding excessive gloss. Our complexes offer a haven of relaxation, security, and a comfortable tropical lifestyle, without unnecessary extravagance.

With the rise in technology in almost all industries, what role do you feel social media plays in connecting with your customers and providing insight into the projects' development stages.

Transparency is paramount, allowing users to engage with our values, approach, and the key individuals involved in our projects. By sharing experiences, knowledge, and construction processes on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, we aim to educate people in the real estate sector. This approach helps us form a community that shares our spirit, fostering growth and development together.

Beyond real estate, you actively promote modern Indonesian culture. How do you incorporate cultural elements into your designs for an enhanced lifestyle?

Bali's multicultural harmony continues to inspire me to integrate its cultural elements into our designs. ART is a prominent example, with the "One World" composition written in six languages, symbolizing unity. Respect for the local religion, Agama Hindu Dharma, is another cultural aspect incorporated into our projects. Ceremonies precede any business venture, respecting Balinese traditions. It's essential to honor their faith and customs, and we've integrated these values into our company. Bali's rich cultural tapestry becomes an integral part of our architectural and operational philosophy.

Tell us more about your collaboration with Russian artist Pokras Lampas on the "One World" art project.

The "One World" art project by Russian artist Pokras Lampas, @pokraslampas, symbolizes the unity of people and cultures. Pokras Lampas created the largest calligraphy in Indonesia on the rooftops of Alex Villas, spanning 960 m2. The phrase "One World" embodies the values of tolerance, friendship, respect for traditions, and a bold forward movement. It's a great honor that Pokras chose Bali and the rooftops of our villas, alongside central buildings worldwide, to convey this beautiful message, especially since Bali represents a melting pot where people from various countries live harmoniously, respecting each other's differences.

In your opinion, has the pandemic impacted the demand for luxury living, and if so, how have your projects adapted?

The global economic downturn significantly affected business, leading to the evolution of Alex Villas Group holding, now comprising 10 subsidiaries. Before the pandemic, our focus was on villa management and rentals, a sector severely impacted by the drastic decrease in tourists. However, our strategic shift to development started seven months prior to the pandemic. Despite challenges, we successfully completed a complex, attracting investments and weathering the economic storm. With the opening of borders, the investment climate in Bali has stabilized, and our goal is to become a billion-dollar company.

According to your influence on Bali's luxury segment, what legacy do you aim to leave in the spaces you create and the cultural influence you defend in the region?

We hold great respect for the island's culture. Alex Villas spaces go beyond being mere real estate; they are unique architectural entities contributing to the island's residential infrastructure and fostering a culture of European management. Our commitment to quality service extends to training Indonesian staff for comfortable working conditions and instilling values that enhance service quality. Additionally, we support contemporary art by integrating it into our projects, exemplified by the collaboration with Pokras Lampas on the "UNITED WORLD" project. Our legacy aims to be a harmonious blend of architectural excellence, cultural sensitivity, and community development.