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Nuniz Egyptian Handbag Brand Launches Home Decor Line, Bayt Nuniz

Bayt Nuniz translating to Nuniz Home was meticulously designed by Nadia Zarkani, with her origins playing a major role.
Photo: Courtesy of Bayt Nuniz

The Danish way of living, "hygge" was injected in every item designed in embracing a raw living. Hygge embodies the feeling of coziness, warmth, and togetherness, and it's these qualities that have been woven into every home product. “As a consumer myself, I understand the importance of functionality and practicality in everyday items. That's why I ensured that each product not only looks beautiful but also serves its purpose seamlessly.” Says Nadia Zarkani, Founder and Creative Director.

The collection features a remote holder, bottle holder, tray, place mat, basket, and tissue box all handmade in the Nuniz Factory in Egypt.

Bayt Nuniz is 100% handcrafted using the most natural state of leather, with no dye or any added chemicals this causes the leather to be in its most natural and sensitive state. All Bayt Nuniz products should be handled with care and understanding towards the beauty of its imperfections. Therefore, any scratches or peels are not défauts rather, a depiction of the product's journey.