The Slouchyz Autumn / Winter 2022: "Wildflowers"

The Slouchyz Autumn / Winter 2022 collection is named ‘Wildflowers' — the looks are inspired by wilderness in bloom, and bohemian nostalgia.
Courtesy of Slouchyz

A dedication to the soft-spoken melancholy of childhood dreams and forgotten fantasies — an introspective, a devotion to eternal youth.

This season’s collection unfolds as a poetic journey, a story of wild beauty in the wastelands, flourishing in darkness - bewildering evanescence translated into relaxed silhouettes, composed of soft-spoken silks, raw cotton, lightweight organza, and tier-layered crepe ensembles. The collection’s color palette is drawn from elements of nature, with earth tones of soil brown, stone grey, milky sky blue, moss green & mist white.

Courtesy of Slouchyz

The collection celebrates joyful youth, and continues in the curated delicate aesthetic of the brand - the capsule is composed of a variety of re-designed contemporary classics, comprised of the brand's modernized abayas, matching sets, assorted skirts, and signature wraps. An edit of remodeled pieces, in bold new colorways, available with full coords of in the same tones — representing youthful exhilaration and the rapture of euphoria. The season’s selection of styles is designed to fascinate, and to be reminisced.

“This collection will evoke your curiosity – and elicit a nostalgic feeling. This season’s mood is amusing, yet sentimental.. The collection reflects on a trip down memory lane, and a renewed appreciation for yesterday.” – Maryam Al-Selaich

Courtesy of Slouchyz

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