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The Global Gentleman: Luisito Comunica

Luisito Comunica, is a Mexican YouTuber, blogger and Internet celebrity. His channel is the second most subscribed in Mexico, as well as the seventh most subscribed in the Spanish-speaking world.
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Luisito Comunica, a world-class traveler and innovator, has become a Latin sensation across social media over the globe. His passion for discovering unknown and less-traveled destinations has opened the eyes of many to the true wonders any location has to offer. Luisito has created a unique bond with all his fans with his heartfelt sincerity and honest interest in the way they live, and what their town has to offer. The man is a true visionary in and out of the culinary world. Through his content creation we are able to visit places we never knew existed, and grow an immense appreciation for people of all walks of life.


Romina Martinez: Luisito, can you tell me about yourself and how you grew up? What drew you into the life of traveling and adventures?

Luisito Communica: I grew up in a small town in Mexico called Puebla. I remember as a kid watching movies that always took place in these big cities which always got me wondering about what the rest of the world would be like. As soon as I was old enough to start traveling and seeing what the rest of the world was like and what I had seen in these movies my whole life, I fell in love with it. It was never enough because you can always see more and more of the world.

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RM: Can you tell me about a time when something went wrong on a trip and how did you handle the situation?

LC: I remember I was filming my travels while I was in Venezuela, and I was arrested by the police because the Venezuelan police authorities are scared of cameras. So I was arrested and got taken into a police station, but the way I dealt with it was by simply staying calm, staying patient, and not aggravating the situation. I knew that if I lost my patience and started raising my voice, or demanding my rights to be free, that would only escalate the situation and probably get me in jail. You have to understand that in some countries the authorities are very scared of cameras. Sometimes you don’t understand the power that you hold when you’re holding a camera until you deal with these kinds of situations. It has happened to me similarly in other countries. But this time in Venezuela was very memorable for me.


RM: It goes to show one should always do their due diligence on the country they are traveling to, and be aware of their cultures. How was this different than this time that you got to stay at the Moxy Hotel in San Diego to shoot for this cover, and can you tell us about your experience?

LC: San Diego is lovely! It was for sure a different kind of trip all around. The Moxy Hotel was so cool. I know so many hotels, maybe hundreds of hotels during my travels, and always appreciate the added value of a cool hotel with a great concept that goes outside the box. This one in particular was so much fun. You get to check in at the bar and receive a free drink there. They have an amazing speakeasy concept within the hotel with a hidden bar behind a secret bookcase door. I would say this is a great place to stay for young travelers who are looking for a unique experience and a good time. The lobby even had arcade games you can play by the bar. It’s a great experience all around.

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RM: As a man whose career has taken him to such great heights, what are your future business aspirations? Will they involve travel or hotel business by chance?

LC: They might! I am currently in the restaurant business, and I am loving it. I am trying to give customers an innovative experience when they go out. I want them to have a different encounter where they have a good time. One of my future plans would definitely be to get into the hotel business with cool concepts that will bring new experiences to all travelers.

One of my current restaurants in Mexico City is called Deigo which is a Japanese-style restaurant and nightlife location that specializes in sushi, ramen, and Kobe beef. It is one of the few restaurants in Mexico City that serves Kobe beef. It also includes a speakeasy and karaoke bar area for people to enjoy in the nightlife scene.

My other version of this restaurant is slightly more casual, and it is called Deigo Ramen. It is an authentic Japanese ramen bar experience located in La Zona Rosa, a younger, trendier neighborhood, where you can order everything through a machine.

I also own Bolichera 21, a Peruvian-Japanese infusion restaurant, otherwise known as nique cuisine, as well as a fast food style joint called Fasfu that brings high cuisine to your traditional burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, fried chicken, and other fast food staples.

These are all located in Mexico City, Mexico.

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RM: A man whose taste and vigor for life is palpable. You have an incredible energy and great sense of humor, what would you attribute these qualities about yourself to? Is sense of humor something you are born with or something that is learned?

LC: Thank you so much for that. I consider myself a very sociable person. I think one is born with it, but we learn how to express it little by little. I think you can be a sociable person, but that still doesn’t mean you will be sociable in all environments. So as we get older and start dealing with different kinds of people in different social circles we learn how to behave in certain situations, and I think your sense of humor is something unique to everyone that you’re born with.


RM: How do you think that compares to fashion? Is sense of style something we learn or something we have?

LC: In my experience I think a sense of fashion is something that you learn. The first time we get dressed we usually get dressed by our mom or an adult figure, and we depend or rely on the fashion taste of our first caretakers. From there we start to define our own sense of style. We start liking new movies, new music, new trends, and from there our tastes expand and we start defining ourselves.

I’ve always wondered how challenging this must be for people with strict social environments, whether due to religion or due to their family situations, and are unable to truly be themselves until they become independent. And some people, not even then. I think your sense of fashion is something you acquire and learn as you grow up.

Traveling will also open up your mind to trying new styles of fashion.

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RM: You’ve previously mentioned you’re a man of simple tastes in regards to fashion. What are your thoughts on the clothing from SHEIN that you got to rock for this shoot, or even the cool custom sneakers you wore from Angelus Paints? Would these be pieces of fashion you would normally wear on your typical travels, or were these more outside your comfort zone?

LC: I would definitely wear these clothes on a business trip, or vacation. Or even in my hometown in Mexico City. A lot of the places that I travel to document are more unconventional and out-of-the-box cities where I prefer to dress in a more casual way. They are fun, experimental travel destinations.

It was a great experience trying out all these amazing fashion trends from SHEIN which gives anyone trending fashion pieces at affordable price points, and then getting to mix it up with cool custom Angelus sneakers, or the high fashion jewelry, really goes to show you how you can make anything look fashionable. Fashion is not about the prices, but about the combinations you can use to express yourself.


RM: When it comes to having a commanding sense of self-worth while maintaining such humility, what are the best pieces of advice you would give to someone right now that you’ve learned  along your journey in life?

LC: Always try to put yourself in different shoes, learn different ways of living, and how different realities are lived. It is very fascinating and valuable to learn how different cultures live in different types of cities, families, and even socioeconomic situations. Once you learn how more people live outside of your circle, you will gain a lot of perspective and empathy for others.

I would also say always take advice, and learn from your elders. You might think you know a lot for your age, or even lived a lot, but the older one gets the wiser one becomes as well.

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RM: It is true that we can always learn from the most unexpected of places. Now with all your incredible travels, explorations, and adventures under your belt, what is next on the list of goals for Luisito Comunica?

LC: This is an interesting question. I would like to be able to say one day that I have visited every country in the world. But I would like to do this on my own terms, and at my own pace without any pressure so I can really know the place and experience the culture. This would be a dream for sure.

Another goal is to eventually have a family of my own. I think it would be a really nice experience to be able to share my knowledge and experiences with my children in the future. But I actually think I fantasize more about having grandchildren than having children. I look forward to one day being the “cool grandpa.”

We have no doubt that Luisito Comunica will be the coolest grandpa around.

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