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‘The Wings’ Collection by Georgii Uvs: A Captivating Art Exhibition Curated by Ellen Nash at BOCCARA Gallery in Dubai

The exhibition features unique two-faced artwork that explores the concepts of existence and freedom with Ultraviolet reactive pigments
Ellen Nash, Art Curator

International art curator Ellen Nash will introduce ‘The Wings’ collection by renowned UK-based artist Georgii Uvs at BOCCARA Gallery in Gate Avenue, DIFC. The exhibition marks Georgii’s debut showcase in the UAE and features a unique and thought-provoking collection of abstract artworks that push the boundaries of artistic expression, utilizing single pigments and mixed ultraviolet reactive pigments to explore the concepts of existence and freedom. The exhibition will be open to the public and admission is free from 4th-24th May 2023, with a special opening evening on May 3rd.

With a wealth of experience as an art curator, critic, producer and advisor,  and having a global footprint, Ellen Nash approaches each project as a profound reflection of reality through the lenses of art history and diverse cultures. Ellen was born in Armenia, grew up in Russia and studied at the University of California in Los Angeles. She holds a Master’s Degree in the History of Arts and is currently pursuing her PhD Degree in Arts.

Wings #24, by Georgii Uvs, under normal light conditions
Wings #24, by Georgii Uvs, when exposed to ultraviolet light

Georgii Uvs is an admired UK-based contemporary abstract painter with 2 professional degrees in Art and Geology. Having begun his artistic endeavours at the age of 17, his artworks explore the origin of life, planet, man, and the metaphysics of being. Through his fascination with mathematics, he gives meaning to arithmetic as ‘Renaissance’, algebra as ‘Post-Impressionism’ and high mathematics as ‘Abstraction’.

This fusion of scientific pursuit and artistic imagination has led him to experiment with varied single pigments and mixed ultraviolet reactive pigments through ‘The Wings’ collection. The ultraviolet pigments evoke an incredible oil painting depth effect and result in his art being two-faced with different visual aesthetics under normal light conditions and when exposed to ultraviolet light. The collection constitutes Georgii’s work while living in Malta from 2016 - 2018 and is one of his most vibrant series of works highlighting the pure and alluring colours of nature on the island.

His distinctive use of single and ultraviolet reactive pigments has pioneered a new approach to abstract art of a ‘live’ painting technique involving the pouring of paint on unstretched canvases laid horizontally on the floor, and the manipulation of its density and colour in multiple ways without ever touching the surface of the work. His masterful techniques have been developed over four decades with each work taking 3-4 years to dry. Both eternal and exclusive, his works are ever-changing, experience a life of their own and cannot be copied or repeated.

Georgii is currently based in the UK and his work has been exhibited in prominent galleries across the globe such as Saatchi Gallery, Gallery 8 and The Vinyl Factory in London, SCOPE at Miami Beach, the European Cultural Centre at the Venice Art Biennial 2022, Art Basel in Switzerland and the International Art Festival in Doha. His artwork is also held in numerous private collections in Russia, the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Armenia, France and Malta.

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Exhibition Information:

Opening Evening: 3rd May, 6:30 - 9:30 PM (will include catering and refreshments)

Exhibition Dates: 4th - 24th May 2023 (free-to-attend and open to the general public)

Time: 10am – 10pm (daily)

Venue: BOCCARA Gallery, Zone C, Gate Avenue, DIFC | @georgiiuvsart | @ellennashart