Youssef Chreiba

Youssef Chreiba is an inspiring young man who has made his mark in multiple creative fields. He is a successful blogger, designer, model, and, most recently, the creator of his Instagram filter.

Chreiba has always had a passion for fashion and design, but when he started his blog, the real explosion of creativity started. He shared his unique style and inspirations on his blog and quickly gained a following of loyal readers. His blog also attracted the attention of fashion brands, whom he started working with on collaborations and campaigns. Before long, he was featured in magazines, on the runway, and even in campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. And now, with the launch of his own Instagram filter, he's making waves in the social media world. Youssef Chreiba is truly a creative force to be reckoned with.

So if you want to know more about him, give this article a read, as it will take you through his bio, career, and business to completely understand his life.

Who is Youssef Creiba?

Youssef Chreiba is a Moroccan entrepreneur and social media influencer. He is best known for his Instagram filter, which reached an audience of more than 1 Billion.

Early education and career:

Born 8 September 1995, Youssef is a 27-year-old blogger, fashion designer, and social media influencer. After graduating from Hassan II university, he started his career as a currency exchange and paperwork consultant. As the days passed, he understood that he had no interest in this field. Then came the year of the epidemic, which struck the whole world with its mightiest power. Youssef had to leave his job due to this epidemic. This time, his life took a challenging turn, turning him from nothing to everything.

Joining Fashion Industry:

After getting to know his real interest, Youssef joined the fashion industry as a model and blogger, where he started to make his name from scratch. It didn’t take long for Chreiba to make an impact in this field, and finally, he did something that gave him the first step to success. During the epidemic, he designed a fashion mask filter to encourage people to wear masks. This Instagram filter was a type of medical mask with the colors of the Morrocan flag. Within no time, this mask became famous and reached an audience of more than 800 million people worldwide. Famous celebrities used this filter to spread awareness of masks during the epidemic. He became famous and gained over a million followers. After this, he was approached by top brands and is now a diplomat for Oliver Luxe, Daniel Wellington, and Luxury Wristwear. His collaboration with top brands has gained him much-needed fame and made him ready to launch his fashion filter masks.


After becoming famous, Youssef Chreiba started his own fashion mask line. He collaborated with Hicham Benslimane to make his thought project a real one. His collaborator is a well-known celebrity in Morroco. Not only did they create a fashionable mask but also more secure for protection against COVID-19 with 95% efficiency. They used high-quality materials to make the masks comfortable and stylish. The masks are embellished with elegant embroidery, sequins, and other details, giving them a unique look. The collection is available in different colors and styles to match different outfits. Youssef Chreiba's fashion masks have become very popular among celebrities, influencers and fashionistas worldwide.

This mask is a major breakthrough in the fight against the pandemic, as it will allow people to wear effective and fashionable masks. The mask is made of a non-woven fabric, which is highly breathable and comfortable to wear. It also has an adjustable strap for a secure fit and a soft nose piece for added comfort. The mask has been tested to filter out 95% of particles, making it one of the most efficient masks on the market. With this new design, Youssef Chreiba has contributed to the fight against the pandemic. The mask is a great example of how fashion can make a difference in the world and help protect people from the virus.

His works and awards:

Along with being a fashion designer, Youssef also has a deep interest in film directing, as seen in a short film he directed in 2016. His journey of success started when he became a brand ambassador for Olive Luxe. Soon after, he joined many more brands, including the world-famous Basilio and Wily Tomas, to represent them as their ambassador.

Entering the year 2020, he took more and more steps toward success. Within the first month of 2020, he started a collaboration with Romeo Couture. This was the first of many achievements this year. Within a month, he ascended to another stage of success when he collaborated with an internationally renowned designer of The Royal Paris in February 2020. Different companies and people started to approach him for the advertisement of their brands. He has participated in many video clips since then, through which he gained a lot of fame and wealth.

The quality of his work, dedication towards fashion design, and tireless efforts can be proved by his nomination for best fashion blogger of the year 2020 in Morocco.

Moreover, as a cherry on the cake, He has been profiled in Forbes and sky news.


Youssef Chreiba is an influencer who is well known for creating masks for Instagram and starting his mask line. His collaborations with brands like James Polo, Lord Timepieces, SLVR & Co, Oliver Luxe, Luxury Wristwear, and MAX RENE Denmark. Youssef has worked with these brands to create content showcasing their products and spreading awareness about their collections. His work with James Polo has seen him design a special limited edition watch and create promotional videos for the brand. Similarly, Youssef collaborated with Lord Timepieces to promote their watches and design a special limited edition. He has also worked with SLVR & Co to create a range of watches for their collection and promote the brand on his social media platforms. Youssef is also an ambassador for Oliver Luxe, Luxury Wristwear, and MAX RENE Denmark, creating content and helping to spread the word about these brands. Youssef Chreiba's collaborations with these luxury brands have been incredibly successful, leading to increased visibility and sales.